WordPress Quirks

About Revisions

What happens when you update a post?

Let’s say you have a post (ID=1). When you update it, it’s saved and a copy of the post is created at the next available id (ID=2). So if you check the posts/1 json, you’ll see:

    ID: 1,
    status: "publish",
    type: "post",

And if you check the json for the revision, posts/2, it looks like:

    ID: 2,
    status: "inherit",
    type: "revision",

If you’re using the save hook WordPress plugin, HookPress, you’ll get two pings, one for the original post and one for the revision. If you look at the Django models, you’ll find the post with ID=1 (original = WPPost.objects.get(id=1)) and the revision post (revision = WPPost.objects.get(id=2)) and the revision will be linked to the original (revision.parent == original). So the original ID is retained as the post is updated.

What happens you restore a revision?

When you revert to a revision, this is treated as if you updated the post. So the original id remains unchanged and another revision is created.